CO-VID19: The Government  guidance is to avoid all non-essential contact. As much as we may love brass bands, their activity is considered 'non-essential'. Bratton Silver Band will therefore be following the Government Guidance and as recommended by Brass Bands England  all brass band activity is to be stopped for the foreseeable future. This includes rehearsals, concerts, contests, committee meetings and other group activity. We appreciate this will be disappointing for everyone but we look forward to resuming normal activities when restrictions are lifted.

Please contact regarding future bookings.

 About the band

Bratton Silver Band comprises a Main Band and a Training Band. We are an integral part of the pretty, community-based village of Bratton, nestled beneath the nose of the white horse. 

The Main Band is a 3rd section contesting band which performs regularly in concerts, fetes and other community events in and around the area. The Training Band are making fantastic progress and is becoming increasingly involved with carrying out engagements

We have strong connections with the World Number 1 ranked brass band, The Cory Band. We host the band annually at the Wiltshire Music Centre in Bradford on Avon and are especially grateful to Cory Band for premiering  " The Lost Village of Imber"  composed by Christopher Bond and commissioned to celebrate our 160th Anniversary . This was made possible with awards from the Arts Council England National Lottery Project Grants Fund and through the support of the Norman Jones Trust Fund and the Friends of St Giles Church, Imber 

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Workshop with Tom Hutchinson