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Bratton Bands Merge for Great Concert

Yesterday's concert at the Jubilee Hall was a great occasion. The main band performed the an impressive first half, featuring soloists and ensembles from all the sections of the band. Our stunning soloists included Lydia hills on trumpet, Faye Coussens on cornet; Carol Bowes on euphonium; Naomi Styles on xylophone; Dave Harle on Flugel; Paul Croker on soprano cornet; Robin Elliott on Trombone and our MD Simon Carr ended the first half in a flourish with a speedy performance of Czardas on the Eb Bass. Horn players from the training band and main band also played a melodic octet.

The training band followed in the second half with a set of both fun and serious pieces, including Dvorak's Theme from the New World Symphony and some popular songs by Abba. To finish off, both bands played The Irish Blessing and The Young Amadeus together, the former featuring a quintet of training band members, as you can see int he photo above.

It was a spectacular occasion, which proved just how many talented performers we have in both bands!

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