160th Anniversary

Sounds of Bratton Silver Band were first heard in Bratton during 1859, the same year as Big Ben and the other bells of the Great Clock of Westminster rang out across the City of London. In 2019 Bratton Silver Band celebrated its 160th Anniversary, a real milestone for any community organisation!

Bratton Silver Band 160th Anniversary Project

We have commissioned Christopher Bond to compose a piece of music about the "Lost Village of Imber", to enhance the brass band repertoire, strengthen and widen appreciation of brass band music whilst marking the 160th anniversary of the band. The  premiere will be performed by Cory Band, European Champions at the Royal Northern College of Music Festival of Brass on Sunday 26th January.

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      Meet the composer - Christopher Bond

     Inspirational Imber - with members of Bratton Silver Band

Chris Bond introduces Bratton Silver Band to 'Hope' the middle movement of  'The Lost Village of Imber'

Workshop with Christopher Bond introducing the first movement he has composed of  The Lost Village of Imber  to Bratton Silver Band

On Friday 6th September Chris presented the second movement of the new three-movement work 'The Lost Village of Imber' which we have commissioned him to write.

During the evening Chris explained how he had taken ideas presented to him from our community engagement activity ‘Imber: from Photography to Music’  and used them as inspiration for the composition.

Entitled ‘Hope’ the music begins mysteriously and this sonorous, atmospheric opening aptly depicts the desolate village of Imber, a glockenspiel adding to the eeriness and apprehension of residents as they learn that they have to leave their homes. A cornet solo followed by a tenor horn response reflects the anguish felt by the villagers who are to be parted to make way for the village to become a military training ground for American troops preparing for the D-Day landings. Amidst this is the Church of St Giles a symbol of ‘hope’ for villagers who one day wish to return, portrayed in the most beautiful of melodic passages before the music reflects the apprehension of the villagers facing eviction and their sadness at losing their rural way of life.

160th Anniversary Grand Draw 

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