Celebrating 160 Years of Bratton Silver Band

Sounds of Bratton Silver Band were first heard in Bratton during 1859, the same year as Big Ben and the other bells of the Great Clock of Westminster rang out across the City of London. In 2019 Bratton Silver Band celebrated its 160th Anniversary, a real milestone for any community organisation!

      Meet the composer - Christopher Bond

   Introduction to Bratton Silver Band's 160th Anniversary Project 

      - with members of Bratton Silver Band

     Inspirational Imber - with members of Bratton Silver Band

    Archaeology of Imber - Julian Richards

Cory and Bratton Silver Band
Cory and Bratton Silver Band

Devizes Corn Exchange

Composer Workshop
Composer Workshop

- introducing The Lost Village of Imber 'Hope' to the band

Art in the Garden Training Band Performance

Cory and Bratton Silver Band
Cory and Bratton Silver Band

Devizes Corn Exchange


We would like to thank our 160th Anniversary Supporters

160th Anniversary Grand Draw 

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We are delighted to have been awarded funding from the Arts Council National Lottery Project Grants Fund and the Brass Band England Norman Jones Trust Fund towards our 160th Anniversary Project to commission composer Christopher Bond to write a piece of music about the "Lost Village of Imber" in celebration of 160 years of Bratton Silver Band, 1859-2019.


"The Lost Village of Imber" was  premiered by Cory Band at the RNCM Brass Festival and a Wiltshire premiere was performed at the Wiltshire Music Centre. Bratton Silver Band will perform the music at St Giles Church, Imber on Saturday 29th August.

To  find out more ..... and follow news of this exciting project on Bratton Silver Band Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram.

     Conservation on Imber  Range