Your chance to win £50 per month

We are an amateur organisation, funded totally by our members and the work we do.  It can cost up to as much as £20,000 per year to keep our village band going with expenses including rent, insurance, fees, uniforms, music, instrument replacement etc. The money we raise through our 100 Club helps enormously to keep the band running and in a healthy financial position.


The minimum membership fee is just £1 per month which gives you one entry into the monthly prize drawYou can also increase your annual subscription from £12 to either £20 ( which gives you 2 entries into the monthly draw) or £25 (which gives you 3 entries into the monthly draw) to increase your chances of winning the monthly prize of £50.  Winnings are posted by cheque to the lucky winner each month.


100 club members are also offered a discount on the ticket price for the annual Best of Brass concert we host at the Wiltshire Music Centre in Bradford on Avon.

Winners 2019

January      64     DC   BA12
February    34     SS    BA14
March         42     BC    BA13
April            67     BL    BA14
May              80    JS     BA13
June            82     LH    BA13
July              30    TR     BA13
August         56    RG    BA14
September 53    GW   BA13
October       84    SC    BA14

November           CB    SN16

December            BC    BA14


Winners 2020

January                HS   SN12



To become a 100 club member, please complete, sign and return the membership form and Standing Order mandate below.

BSB 100 Club application 2018

Should you have any querie regarding the 100 Club, please contact us at